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Pentakill auditions

During Pentakill Auditions, Morgana really want to join but Kacthus have other plans… Videogame: league of legends, featuring morgana, Jinx, Ahri and Kayle now you can understand why Kayle never sing in the video.

Kai'sa armor explained 0

Kaisa crush League of legends

Kaisa armor explained. Almost all girls have a crush and Kaisa have one but nobody expect that. In fact, is possible that she wear them. If you have a dirty mind and you enjoy...


Playing Other Games

Playing other games sometimes feels like cheating on the games you leave behind or play less often. It might make you feel a bit bad, but it’s important to remem– Oh My Gawd did...


A Dragon’s New Fetish

A dragon’s new fetish and it’s hard to blame him. League girls at the beach have more curves than the beach balls they play with. PatreonTwitterFacebook


High School of ELO!

In the High School of ELO! You never know what will happen next! On the bright side, they provide uniforms for all shapes, sizes, and ranks!PatreonTwitterFacebook


Halloween cosplay

Halloween cosplayIn this issue of our Life of Legends comic we wanted to give some time to Halloween, which comes near. Not with horror stories but talking about cosplay. Some costumes are great, other...