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Jinx Flash grenade

Jinx flash is the most dangerous, be careful because under her shirt the things can be explosive. remember to support us in patreon.


League of legends Meta

League of legends Meta can be terrible sometimes, like when the meta was NO ADC or NO jungle in the game, Riot please, some experiments have terrible taste.


Tupperware Coffee

You can drink coffee in a tupperware so you don’t need to wash dishes! check out all Hare and sheep comics! support our patreon


Warding is easy in lol

I love warding missions because they are easy, also, wards only give good things to your team, just don’t put them on base. see more comics featuring Yasuo. and support us on patreon, so...


uh huh second part

When Sheep don’t listen she always answer “uh huh”. This time Hare use this in her favor and now Sheep will cosplay Hare waifu Mei. check out our patreon for more spicy art that...

Kai'sa armor explained 0

Kaisa crush League of legends

Kaisa armor explained. Almost all girls have a crush and Kaisa have one but nobody expect that. In fact, is possible that she wear them. If you have a dirty mind and you enjoy...