Chibi raffles explained!

As a way to express gratitude to all the people that supports us we came up with an idea, chibi raffles!  

  • Donations, patreon support and merchandise purchases give you tickets
  •  With tickets you can suggest your favorite character!  
  • The more tickets you have the more chances you have to win 
  • Win the raffle and enjoy!  


  •  You can change it any time except during raffle day and 1 day before
  •  You can only suggest NonOC and Non Real life characters. DreamVessel characters are allowed 
  • Your tickets only reset when you win 
  • There will be at least one raffle monthly 
  • you can suggest different character every time you donate.

Free raffles.

We will do free raffles too! stay tunned!

Link to participant Sheet, a formula calculates the winner.

Chibis Examples: