Category: Life of legends

Web comic is dedicated to the gamers and their lifes who was the true legends in League of Legends. This comic series also includes rioters, and champions as a protagonists.

this comic was discontinued but you still can enjoy some of our classics jokes.


Goodbye Solo Queue

Goodbye Solo Queue we will miss the hours of being raged at, afks, feeding, and general defeatist attitudes. Good thing Dynamic queue certainly won’t have any of that! PatreonTwitterFacebook


Playing Other Games

Playing other games sometimes feels like cheating on the games you leave behind or play less often. It might make you feel a bit bad, but it’s important to remem– Oh My Gawd did...


She Likes the Rocks

She Likes the Rocks! Well which rock’s does she like? Let’s not cast judgement. ‘He who throws the first stone’ and all that. Poor Malphite, it must be tough being rock hard all the...


I Had Mastered the Game

I Had Mastered the Game or at least it feels like it until riot comes in and changes everything. One time you feel you have everything figured out. The next you feel like you...


Congratulations Ezreal

Congratulations Ezreal, please remember to share him with the rest of the AD carries. Surgeon Shen sure does fabulous work. It’s hard to get past that new amazing jaw bone. PatreonTwitterFacebook


Queue Time!

Queue Time! With the ability to now select your roll it makes it so much nicer than having to type fast to claim your preferred play style. It works so wonderfully fast and quick....


A Dragon’s New Fetish

A dragon’s new fetish and it’s hard to blame him. League girls at the beach have more curves than the beach balls they play with. PatreonTwitterFacebook


Excuse Me Young Lady

Excuse Me Young Lady! There is a new dragon in town and he’s bigger and badder than any seen yet. Maybe it’s time to rethink your dragon slaying ways when the daddy of them...


It Was Made For U

It Was Made For U! No it was made for me! There are very few items made in the game that Udyr hasn’t figured out some way to break. I still shudder thinking about...