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Critical Failure is about “epic fails” and funny mistakes in video games and real life.

Game Sett Match! 0

Game Sett Match!

Yasuo is cornered, he will have to use the last resort weapon if he wants to stop Sett! Comic based on League of legends video game.


Sigma is back!?

Sigma is back!? he isBald, crazy and with green armor. He is the new champion from overwatch and deffinitely not Sigma from megaman, D.Va is super excited! Game Director Jeff Kaplan provides an analysis...


Pokemon go outside

Our first comic about pokemon go in a long time, this game has been great to make walks funnier and more enjoyable. Sadly some people hates to see strangers enjoying themselves, but who cares?...


Armara (borderlands)

EDIT: doodle from a comment Amara, or Armara showed us her arms in the last development trailer of Borderlands 3, maybe she hides more arms… Check out the trailer here! Check out more of...


Where are all the Viera boiz

Our first comic about Final Fantasy XIV and about Viera. We hope that you enjoy them because we are sure there will be much more in the future! This one is about the recent...


Pentakill auditions

During Pentakill Auditions, Morgana really want to join but Kacthus have other plans… Videogame: league of legends, featuring morgana, Jinx, Ahri and Kayle now you can understand why Kayle never sing in the video.