Author: DreamVessel

Game Sett Match! 0

Game Sett Match!

Yasuo is cornered, he will have to use the last resort weapon if he wants to stop Sett! Comic based on League of legends video game.


Bea special training

Bea has special training for her little tepig. When tepic evolves he is stronger and can support stronger things, but maybe Bea can’t support the same.


Kindred ying-yang

Kindred in a ying yiang pose, Never one without the other. Sketch request for my patron Thomas Haber Thank you for your support! do you like this draw? buy it as merchandising do...


Marnie and Morpeko team

Marnie and Morpeko team are so cute, she is a little unexpresive but Morpeko can feel and care her Comic made by our artist Nivaris, Marnie and Morpeko belongs to Pokemon and this is...


Sigma is back!?

Sigma is back!? he isBald, crazy and with green armor. He is the new champion from overwatch and deffinitely not Sigma from megaman, D.Va is super excited! Game Director Jeff Kaplan provides an analysis...